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Mision Barns Partners with Silva Sausage Co., Completes First-Ever Scaled-Up Manufacturing Run of Product Containing Cultivated Meat

Mission Barns, a leader in cultivated fat, completed the first-ever scaled-up manufacturing run of a product containing cultivated meat with its Mission Chorizo Sausage.


Mission Barns Raises $24M Series A to Scale Up its Cultivated Fat Technology and Build Pilot Production Facility

Mission Barns today announced a $24M Series A to scale up its cultivated fat technology and build a pilot manufacturing plant in the Bay Area.


I tried cultivated meat made from animals without killing them – is this the future of ethical eating?

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Will I See Cultivated Meat in Supermarkets Any Time Soon?

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The Secret Ingredient That Could Save Fake Meat

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Mission Barns Will Now Let the Public Try Their New Cultured Bacon

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Company on a Quest for Kosher Bacon Raises $24 million

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Cultivated Meat Companies Pursue a Once-Impossible Goal: Kosher Bacon 

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