Our Approach

Full of flavor, free of harm

Meet Dawn, one of the liveliest pigs you'll ever meet.

Dawn is happily roaming free.

We took a small, harmless sample from Dawn.

We place the sample in a cultivator which mimics the conditions of Dawn’s body.

We add the plant-based nutrients Dawn loves: sugars, proteins, vitamins, and more.

Then, we get out of nature's way and let it work its magic.

The sample is fattened in the cultivator, just like Dawn when she’s well-fed.

After just two weeks, it’s time to combine our harvest with plant protein to create Mission Barns meat.

The same meat we've always known and loved, made better, crafted with care.

In the meantime, Dawn continues to roam free.

The same process works for Dawn’s animal friends — cows, chickens, and ducks.

Meat, evolved.